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“Any Prophecy That Makes People Afraid Is Not Of God” -Dr Abel Damina Explains.

“Any Prophecy That Makes People Afraid Is Not Of God” -Dr Abel Damina Explains

The founder of Power City International, Dr Abel Damina, explains why God does not give His children, instructions or prophecies that would create fear in their hearts.

Here’s what Dr. Abel Damina said:

“Any Prophecy, leading or instruction that makes people afraid is not of God.

God has no business with fear. In fact, he delivers them from it. The Word of God is meant to produce faith in your heart.

Few years ago, I went to Calabar to preach. When it was time to go back, I was told that the Calabar road had been blocked. Two days after, the roads were still blocked but I was told that there I could make use of a ferry to carry my car from Oron to Uyo.

I did not like the idea because I don’t know how to swim, however, I had no choice.

The next day, I got on the ferry and about eight other cars were loaded on the ferry. I decided to use the opportunity to preach, but when I stood to preach, nobody paid attention to me and I decided to sit down.

A few minutes into the trip, the water in the river dried up and our all we could see was quick sand. The ferry began to sink and other passengers were afraid. I told the passengers that I would have performed a miracle if they had allowed me to preach.

Immediately, they all begged me to preach and I told them to sit down. I prayed and commanded the sand to stop sinking and it stopped and water began to return to the river. That day, everyone on the ferry received Jesus and I raised an offering on the ferry. People gave a lot of money and I gave the money to an Evangelist, who had been preaching on that ferry for years, without getting any money from anyone.

You see, there may be danger on the way but if you are led by the Spirit, you will have solution to those dangers. If your are led by your mind, your mind can’t give you solutions. That is why you always need to walk in the Spirit.”

Dear readers, what is your take on this delicate statement from Dr. Abel Damina?

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