They Have Machines That Grind Human Fl£sh- Kwaku Annan Opens Deep Secrets About Ritual Killers

They Have Machines That Grind Human Flesh- Kwaku Annan Opens Deep Secrets About Ritual Killers

The Ghana Police Service is expected to be briefed by the host of the Seat Show on NET2 Television, Kwaku Annan about the secret location of some ritual killers in Abesim and the Bono area of Ghana. According to him, there is a meat grinding machine that has been installed in Abesim by these serial killers to grind the remains of their victims when they are done killing them.

In his anger over the failure of the nation’s security and investigative bodies in ‘smoking’ these criminals out of the community since the 1980s, Kwaku Annan indicated that the ritual killers have widened their network and established a base where they murder and sell human parts to people. He noted that at the unnamed location, victims of these murderers are butchered whiles alive, an experience he noted could be painful and highly inhumane.

He mentioned that the murder of those three kids by Richard Appiah is the least of those crimes and that the police must be stick to unraveling the age-long ritual killings that had characterized the area. For him, the location of the machine is a central point to tracking down all these murderers.

“They have machines that grind human flesh in that town. They don’t even kill you before they cut your parts. They cut every part of your body while you are alive and then you eventually bleed to death,” he noted.

Kwaku Annan assured of his commitment to assist the police in solving this case by availing every lead he has on these criminals. He noted that dealing with Richard Appiah’s case will only resolve in a temporal halt in that evil trade but will eventually resurface when everyone in the community believes normalcy has been restored.

Politicians, Pastors And Chiefs Beneficiary To These Killings

Kwaku Annan disclosed that he has in his possession a tall list of top politicians, pastors, chiefs, and other public figures who subscribe to these ritual killings by procuring human parts in the Abesim and Bono areas. He insisted that all those persons on his list need to be arrested by the police immediately before they escape the country.

“We have your list of politicians, pastors, killing people for rituals. All these people must be arrested. That area is the nerve center in the transportation of human parts to men of God who want to become powerful through rituals. Some with politicians, chiefs, and other figures who want to become powerful,” said Mr. Annan.

He hinted that a popular chief of community within the area is a leading beneficiary of these human parts sold by these ritual killers. Mr. Annan assured that he will in the appropriate time mention the name of the town and that of the chief after he had shown some documentary evidence of the crimes committed by these secretive groups.

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