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Bizarre Photos Of Children Tied Around a Tree by a Teacher Like A Thief Cause Uproar

Some viral photos from a school in Kenyan have sparked online uproar After a teacher was seen doing some inhumane things to several young boys.

In the photos, the teacher had used a rope and Mercilessly tried the student around a tree.

It still remains unclear as to what could have led to this bizarre incident and the teacher’s rogue behavior.

Many across the internet have expressed their anger after viewing these sad photos from the school.

In Kenya, students do not receive corporal punishment after the government through the ministry of education banned it in all schools.

However, teachers seem to be changing the game as they mercilessly punish students using rogue methods.

Several months ago, a school in Kenya, Nairobi was put in the spotlight after a young lady was beaten to death by a teacher for giving out a wrong answer.

The school is currently under serious scrutiny with Kenyans preferring murder charges on the killer teacher.

Grace… So inhumane, imagining Hawa watoto by the look it’s not so good from their background, then they get this in school… Too bad for real… May the Lord see them through..

Kamu… Some people do things for them to be recognized but what u do to others will b doubled to u so watch out God is on the throne end He is still watching.

Wangari… Some primary school administrators generally seem to have a problem…

Very funny kind of management practices.

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