“I Just Need a Date, The Bill Is On Me” — Beautiful Lady Is Searching For a Date

Women are beginning to spend during dates to win back their respect. Before now, some men believe that any lady that invite them for a date is after their money or food. A young and beautiful lady is breaking the jinx on Twitter. She is asking for a date, and she will be responsible for the bills. All expenses are on her and all she is looking for is a decent, caring, handsome and respectful man who does not propagate gender-based violence. She wrote, “I need a date. Bills on me, I promise”. However, many people have started sending her a direct message, and she will likely pick from among them. Nevertheless, many ladies are now being careful when choosing dates for the first time. The rate at which women, especially young ladies, are missing in South Africa is becoming worrisome. Every right-thinking person should be worried about this ugly trend.

One of those who have indicated interest on the lady is a popular Twitter influencer. He made his intention known, “Let’s go. Plus I need some fresh air since I had the most traumatic birthday ever, I jumped out of a moving car on my birthday, so a day out will really do good to my mind right now”. The lady does not want married men or men who are already in a serious relationship. As it stands now, even married men and people who are engaged are also indicating interest in the beautiful lady. The lady who is a highly blended personality of beauty and brain does not want to break any family or relationship. She is asking people who are committed to any serious relationship to back out. Someone told her, “Hey, I doubt you really need a date, but maybe you need an attention baby girl, lol. Let’s do it, I don’t mind!!! Where you from?”. The lady is not replying, as this man observed, “She doesn’t even bother herself to answer you guys”. But she is actually replying direct messages, “She will reply DM…or to the one she’s into. She knows who she after. she is just waiting on him”.

Ladies are now taking giant strides in asking guys out, unlike in the past where guys do all the talking and wooing. Sometimes, career ladies take their men out for date and lunch, except for some ladies who do not work and rely on their boyfriends. This lady appears to be a working-class lady, she is obviously not hungry or lacking financially. Ladies like her go for love and respect, however, ladies who are not working go wealth and affluence. Each person is after what they lack. 

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