Why Do Muslims Say That Jesus Was a Muslim And Practised Islam?.

Why Do Muslims Say That Jesus Was a Muslim And Practised Islam?

Generally, Muslims believe that Jesus, whom they regard as prophet Isa, son of Maryam, was a Muslim. They also believe that Abraham (Ibrahim), David, (Dawoodu), Jacob, (Yakubu), John the Baptist, (Yayah), Moses (Musa) etc were all Muslims. This implies that all the prophets in Judaism are present in Islam. However, Islam was founded some six hundred years after Jesus’s death and resurrection, and Muslims believe that prophet Muhammad founded Islam. Nevertheless, all these prophets mentioned were all Jewish people, and they practised Judaism. How could they have been Muslims? Even Jesus Christ practised a form of reformed Judaism. Although Muslims claim that Jesus Christ bowed down to pray as Muslims do, that alone does not mean that he was a Muslim. Jesus ideology is very different from that of Islam, and so he cannot be said to be a Muslim.

The truth is that Jesus used evangelism to spread his messages, preaching from one town to another praying for and healing the sick and raising the dead. He did not use jihad or forceful conversion for anyone. Jesus was a very peaceful and loving person,, and he was against the stoning to death of a woman caught in adultery. If he was a Muslim, he would have permitted them to stone her because stoning and beheading are parts of sharia. Jesus too did not mix his religion with politics. Islam as a religion cannot be separated from politics. In some Islamic countries, the religious head which may be the sultan, Emir, Supreme leader, Imam is also the head of state. Jesus even rejected a bid to make him king. The God Jesus worshipped and call his Father is not Allah but YAHWEH or Jehovah as he is also called. Furthermore, Jesus, as a Peaceful person, promoted peace and was never involved himself in fighting war, killing or engaging in slave trade. He neither owned properties nor slaves. He was a simple personality.

The personality of Jesus Christ does not fit into that of a Muslim. He existed far before Islam was founded in Saudi Arabia. All these prophets that are being claimed to be Muslims were Jewish people, and none of them is an Arab. Before the appearance of prophet Muhammad in Mecca, no prophet ever came out from Arab. This is even the more reason prophet Muhammad was never accepted by the Jewish people as a prophet. According to some critics, the Allah’s apostle had to link his new-found religion to the old Judaism so that Jewish people can have a sense of belonging in it, nevertheless, that did not convince them. Islam remains a minority religion until the introduction of jihad, warfare and forced conversion. The Jewish people till today still doubt the prophethood of Allah’s apostle. 

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