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Obasanjo Burst Into Tears While Addressing People In Lagos (Video)

Obasanjo Burst Into Tears While Addressing People In Lagos (Video)

Former Nigerian President, Chief Matthew Aremu Okikiola Olusegun Obasanjo, was all tears as he made to respond after a stage play in his honour in Lagos.

The incident occurred on Sunday at Glover Memorial Hall, Marina, recently renovated by the Lagos State Government.

Titled: “Aremu,” the stage play, a brainchild of Duke of Shomolu Production House, and sponsored by First Bank of Nigeria Limited, captured the life of Obasanjo from conception to his present.

The play, one of the two being sponsored by First Bank of Nigeria Limited, with the theme: “A Deep Dive Into History,” is a theatre production from the Duke of Shomolu Production House, spearheaded by Joseph Edgar.

A Deep Dive into History comprises two exciting stage plays: Aremu and Awo, showing from August 22, 2021.

It will run every Sunday till September 12, 2021 at the legendary Glover Memorial Hall, Marina, Lagos.

Aremu is a powerful depiction of the life and times of Obasanjo, who is also fondly called Ebora Owu.

The play takes us through his birth, the errant stages of his adulthood, exploring his peasant background, his travails as a freedom and human rights crusader and other milestones.

Aremu is a rich cultural play that preaches hope to the audience: that they can be whoever they want to be.

The play was written by Prof. Ahmed Yerima, the former DG of the National theatre and National Troupe.

Responding after the play in which Yemi Sodimu played the lead role, Obasanjo said one of his greatest regrets in life was that his mother did not live long enough to witness the person he turned into.

Surrounded by the cast and crew of the play, sponsors and top officials of the Lagos State Government, Obasanjo kept quiet for about a minute, controlling his emotions.

And then the tears followed.

One of those with him on the stage had to keep patting him on the back until he became stable and continued speaking.

He then brought out his handkerchief to wipe the tears and clear his nose.

Obasanjo, who told the audience that the script of the play was shown to him, said it was not too bad.

He thanked the organisers for the entertainment aspect and the lessons to be learnt.

He added: “But for me, one thing you did, which you probably didn’t know, is to bring a nostalgic feeling, particularly of my mother.

“You see, my…. my…. (crying softly at this stage) sadness in life was that my mother did not live to enjoy or to see me grow to what I became inspite of the lavish efforts made on me.

“But your presentation brought vividly to my memories the sacrifices that my mother in particular made for me to be what I am today.

“And I thank her and I thank God for the short life she lived.”

Obasanjo equally thanked all the sponsors of the stage play, which had a lot of well knit music.

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