2 Statement That Amaechi Said About Nigerian Political Elites And Secession That We Should Know

2 Statement That Amaechi Said About Nigerian Political Elites And Secession That We Should Know.

In the news that we gathered today, the two-time governor of Rivers state, who is currently serving as minister of transportation, has voiced out about Nigerian political elites and secession.

During his speech, according to Sahara Reporters, he said two statements that I would like to analyze in this article for better understanding because it is something that we should know. Guy

Political elites are burning our resources:

Rotimi Amaechi said we should know that Nigeria would have been a very developed country that many people wanted to live in and establish their businesses in, if not that the political elites were mismanaging our resources.

He said Nigerian is blessed with resources that is enough to build a good infrastructure and make the country liveable for the people, but the political elites were burning them. They spend it on many invaluable things.

He claimed that if someone visits Cape Town in South Africa, they will be impressed by the beautiful roads, buildings, and other modern infrastructure that they will see, but in Nigeria, Abuja is the only place that is tagged as a beautiful city, and that is why many rich people are leaving their hometowns to live in Abuja.

Economic Deprivation and Injustice:

When Rotimi was talking about secession in Nigeria, he made it known that there are 2 things that fuel it that make many youths, especially in the southern Nigeria, channel their efforts into agitating for Oodua Nations and Biafra.

He said how our economy is depriving every day and the Naira is also depriving in front of the dollar is making life harder for many Nigerians and therefore they are agitating for secession.

He also claimed that injustice is also part of the reason people are asking for Oodua and Biafra.

We should know that injustice didn’t start in this administration. We inherited it from the former administration. He further urged the federal government to address injustices in order to keep Nigeria as one.

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