Reason Benin Republic Might Not Release Igboho Soon Despite Wole Soyinka Message to Benin Govt

Reason Benin Republic Might Not Release Igboho Soon Despite Wole Soyinka Message to Benin Govt.

It is no longer news that Yoruba Nation Agitator, Sunday Igboho, has been in Benin prison for some weeks now. He got arrested in The Republic of Benin while he was trying to travel to Germany. His wife was also arrested by the security agency in Benin but later got released. The question in the mind of many is When will Sunday Igboho be released from Benin prison?

According to reports on Sahara Reporters, One of Nigerian most valued Scholars, Wole Soyinka, has called on the government of Benin to release Sunday Igboho from prison so that he can continue his journey.

Photo credited: Britannica and The Guardian Nigeria

In an interview with Journalists, Wole Soyinka made it clear that Sunday Igboho did not commit any crime against Nigeria. Soyinka revealed that Igboho was only resisting the Tyranny of Fulani herdsmen against his people.

Wole Soyinka Said:

“I refuse to accept that Sunday Igboho committed any crime by fighting against the Tyranny of his people. I can’t consider that to be a criminal agitation. Secession is not a criminal act as long as it is done peacefully”.

From my observation, I think Sunday Igbioho won’t be released anytime soon, despite Wole Soyinka message to Benin Government. Below is my reason for saying such.

One reason why Igboho will not be released anytime is because of the allegation leveled against him by the Benin authority (Igboho came to Benin through a black Channel). Until the Benin authority declare him guiltless of their allegations, then he might still remain in Benin Prison. Investigations are still going on, and he will be free if the investigations prove that he is innocent.

As a reader, what do you have to say about this? Do you think Sunday Igboho will be declared not guilty by Benin court?

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