NDA: Bandits Have Bitten More Than What They Can Chew After Shooting At A Military Aircraft.

NDA: Bandits Have Bitten More Than What They Can Chew After Shooting At A Military Aircraft

According to reports, the Nigerian Army were attacked by bandits in Kaduna State earlier today.

It is believed that the Nigerian Army were searching for Major Christopher Datong when Bandits fired at their aircraft earlier this afternoon.

You would recall that Major Christopher Datong was one of the few personnel abducted during the recent attack on the Nigerian Defence Academy in Kaduna State.

The attack is still a huge surprise to Nigerians who just couldn’t comprehend how bandits managed to penetrate a secured government building.

We are trying to find an explanation to the audacious attack on the Nigerian Defence Academy but it seems that’s unnecessary at the moment.

The Nigerian Army has just been attacked by the same group of Bandits who penetrated the Nigerian Defence Academy a couple of days ago.

This is definitely not a good news as it seems Bandits aren’t scared to attack any Nigerian military base.

It’s clear to us that Bandits aren’t scared of the Nigerian Army as they continue to carry out unacceptable attacks in the country.

In reaction to the recent attack on their military aircraft, the Nigerian Army made it known that they are finding it difficult to locate the hideouts of Bandits in Kaduna State.

This seems to be the right time for the Federal Government to treat Bandits like a terrorist group.

Imagine, a supposed “business group” has killed hundreds of innocent people in the last few months.

The recent attack on a Nigerian military aircraft proves to us that Bandits have bitten more than what they can chew.

The Federal Government needs to take proactive measures to put an end to the raving threat of Bandits in the country.

Just like I said earlier, they’ve shown themselves to be a terrorist group and they must be treated as one.

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