3 Reasons Why No Country In The World Might Want To Go To War With Nigeria

3 Reasons Why No Country In The World Might Want To Go To War With Nigeria

All over the world, Nigeria is been regarded as the giant of Africa. However, the term giant of Africa was not just a name given to Nigeria, rather, it was a title that was earned by the federal government of Nigeria. Despite the fact that Nigeria might be facing some challenges recently, we have remained a force to be respected throughout Africa and across the world.

When we talk about having a diplomatic conflicts with this great country called Nigeria, every nation all over the world becomes cautious and make sure they do all they can to prevent going into war with Nigeria.

Nigeria prides itself on being a country whose geographical integrity can never be jeopardised, for a variety of reasons. And in this article, I would be sharing with three important reasons why no country all over the world wants to go to war with Nigeria.

1. Nigeria’s Regional Influence:

The most important reason why no country all over the world wants to go to war against Nigeria is due to its undeniable regional power because it remains one of Africa’s greatest economies. Nigeria was likewise projected as a rising world force. Its presence in West Africa and the Sahara Subregions does not need to be exaggerated. “When Nigeria sneezes, the entire continent becomes sick.”

The above assertion it not just an exaggeration because over the years, Nigeria has demonstrated that by leading several diplomatic missions affecting West Africa and Africa as a whole. Any war with Nigeria will put the whole area into chaos and further cause difficulties with far-reaching ramifications that would affect every country on the planet. Nigeria is a consumer nation and Africa’s most populous country, serving as a big market for developed nations such as China and the United States. These industrialized nations would lose a significant portion of their economy if they went to war with Nigeria, a situation they will vehemently oppose.

2. Nigeria’s Military Might:

The giant of Africa has repeatedly demonstrated its ability of protecting its territorial integrity against any other power. Apart from that, the Nigerian government has been able to effectively enforce peace and stability in several African countries by deploying its troops to participate in peacekeeping operations. And with the support of the government, the Nigerian military has been able to gain a tremendous deal of expertise from carrying out these foreign operations and is battle-hardened.

While buttressing on military hardwares, the Nigerian military produces most of it’s sophisticated weapons by its well-trained personnels. Some months back, a missile test was conducted by the Nigerian military to showcase its effective growth and strength and with the recent developments, no country would even try to go into a war Nigeria having known about its sophisticated weapons and support from the government.

3. Nigeria’s Allies:

As a regional force, Nigeria has many allies who wish to gain from either our powerful and overreaching regional control or even our security and goodwill. All over the world, there is barely a nation who is not among our allies. Take for instance, China receives a lot of supports from us in term of consumer goods, United States of America sells some military aircrafts to us and in contrast, some Nigerians also go to the country for their vacations and tours.

Israel and Saudi Arabia gets a lot of income through the religious pilgrims who pays a visit to them every year and we can boast that Nigerians are one of the most people who visits.

These are just one of the few instances were countries all over the world benefit from Nigeria in its long-term survival. Every country that wants to go to war with Nigeria will only put itself into a diplomatic punishment because all over friends all over the world would also segregate from them.

The way Nigeria rapport with every other countries shows that for a nation to be successful and develop, it entails more than just an economic stability.

A country’s military strength is also required to protect its territorial integrity, create and implement regional or global policies and have strong and trustworthy allies.

Nigeria as a country has done a great work to distinguish itself as a regional force in Africa. And with the current existing estimations, it’s shows Nigeria is on the right track to emerge as powerful country all over the world but economically and militarily.

These above reasons are the main reasons why no country would want to end up going to war with the giant of Africa under any circumstances. At the end of the day, all issues will have to be settled diplomatically, and Nigeria will always have a considerable advantage in these negotiations, especially if African countries are involved.

In conclusion, do you think that any country all over the world can go to war with Nigeria having known our disastrous regional forces and capabilities? State one country that you think might defeat Nigeria if we go to war together.

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