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“We Buried 76 Persons In One Day, Another Day We Buried 48, But You Don’t Hear About it” – Sultan

The Sultan of Sokoto Sa’ad Abubakar, has cried out, stating it clearly that the number of people killed by criminals across the country is underreported by the media.

While speaking, the Sultan of Sokoto made it known that 76 people were killed and buried in Sokoto in a day and 48 persons another day, making it known that these incidents were not reported.

According to The Cable report, the Sultan of Sokoto made this disclosure while speaking at the 3rd quarter 2021 meeting of the inter religion council in Abuja on Thursday. Sa’ad Abubakar stated that the level of insecuriy in the country has worsened.

Speaking further he asked to know why the intelligence agencies have been unable to identify those who are behind all these insecuriy issues. He further advised the federal government to seek help from foreign countries, so that they will help the country out.

That’s a sad one indeed. I really don’t understand what is presently happening in Nigeria today. People are being killed as if life doesn’t mean anything again.

Just like the Sultan said here, I think the time is right for Nigerian government to ask foreign countries to help us out, because from all indications, it is clear that the government doesn’t know what to do again. Something must be done now so as to save the lives and properties of Nigerians.

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