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“Release Sunday Igboho to continue his journey” – Wole Soyinka speaks.

“Release Sunday Igboho to continue his journey” – Wole Soyinka speaks

Prof Wole Soyinka has urged the government of Benin to release Yoruba nation agitator, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho, so that he may continue.

During an interactive session with journalists in Lagos on Friday titled, “Sanctions on the loose: Chasing the gnat with a sledgehammer,” the elder statesman said that the secessionist hadn’t committed any crime against the nation.

In Ibadan, Oyo State, agents of the Department of State Services executed a raid on the house of the activist on July 1, 2021, killing two and arresting twelve of his aides.

Later, Igboho fled to Benin, where he and his wife were both arrested by the International Criminal Police Organization on July 19, 2021, while travelling to Germany from the Cadjehoun Airport in Cotonou.

Igboho’s wife, Ropo, was released from prison and he is being sought as a refugee by the government of the West African country for illegal migration charges resulting from stockpiling weapons which he denies.

As the Nobel laureate stated, Igboho’s crime was resisting Fulani herdsmen’s tyranny over his people in Oyo State. 

Soyinka said, “I refuse to believe Igboho committed any crime except agitating against Fulani rule on his people. It was a peaceful demonstration of his position. In my view, it is not a criminal act as long as it’s done peacefully. The act of advocating secession isn’t criminal as long as it’s done peacefully. It doesn’t need to be criminalized.” what’s your opinion about this my fellow Nigerians? do you agree with Prof Wole Soyinka? leave a comment and don’t forget to follow me for more updates. Thank you.

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