Psquare paid the price for our family issues- Rude Boy Break Silent

Psquare paid the price for our family issues- Rude Boy

Paul Okoye, also known as Rude Boy, is one of the defunct Psquare duo. He has just opened up on how the music group paid the price for their family issues.

This was made known in a chat he had with On-Air Personality (OAP), Do2tun. Rude Boy said that it’s unfortunate that their family problems led to the end of Psquare.

He stated,”…And like I always tell people, it is so unfortunate that family problem which I think it’s nobody’s business to know, but it’s so unfortunate that Psquare has to pay the price for it”.

The singer made it clear that he had promised not to talk about his family problems in the media and did not like seeing their dirty linens in the media.

“One thing I promised myself not to do; let the Okoye family just have the peace that I think they are having now. I hate waking up anytime and just see people saying things you know. Whatever that happened is just a thing of choice and one thing you need to do is to try and respect people that wake up one day and say they don’t want to do anymore”, he said.

Rude Boy said he wished his twin brother could resist himself from divulging information on their family discord to the media and general public.

“I am a family man and sometimes when I see issues and it goes to the media, I will be like I wish one person can just zip it. You know why? People will get tired but you see when you talk, you know. So for me, it’s like I think we’ve rested for more and we are the highest, even ‘Boys 2 men no reach that level’, he affirmed.

When asked on having divided fans, he replied, “Bro I always tell people, ‘you see ehn’, I am doing this because I know the fans are divided, but if you guys understand one thing: if you guys can just concentrate on just enjoying music”.

Psquare duo (Paul and Peter Okoye) parted ways over family discord that also involved their elder brother and former manager, Jude Okoye. Psquare was disbanded in 2016, purportedly over the role of their manager.

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