“Nigeria Will Lose Greatly if The Country Divides” -Osinbajo

“Nigeria Will Lose Greatly if The Country Divides” -Osinbajo

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo says dividing Nigeria would limit opportunities for Nigeria’s prosperity.

He believes that if the country divides, Nigeria will suffer greatly.

In his statement, he stated that the country will not be able to defeat crime even if disintegration takes place.

On Thursday, August 26, Asinbajo spoke at the National Social Cohesion Dialogue, which was organized by the African Polling Institute in Abuja.

He said despite those pushing for Nigeria’s division, the country will overcome its challenges.

In Nigeria, you have a constitutional right to live, work, enjoy your life, and operate your business within the law. Our classification of Nigerians as either ‘indigenes’ or ‘non-indigenes’ amounts to apartheid and contradicts our commitment to equality and unity.

“For this reason, the beneficiaries for our Social Investment Programmes were selected based on their state of residence, and there was no discrimination in selecting beneficiaries. All Nigerians should be given the same opportunity to prosper because this is the only way to achieve national progress”.

Our destinies have intertwined in such a way that we are inseparable. Because of this, this administration is investing heavily in transportation infrastructure – roads, rails, waters, and ports – to reduce distances between communities, link localities with markets, facilitate trade, and provide access to tourism opportunities.

This must be taken as what it is – a crime for which lawful punishment must be given and not an ethnic conflict. A criminal must be viewed and treated as a criminal, not as a representative of any ethnic or religious group. Breaking up will be a great loss for Nigeria.

By dividing ourselves we will not be able to defeat crime. The only way we will overcome it is to unite against the criminals terrorizing our people.

“If we break up, Nigeria would lose a lot economically; we can see the greatest advantage of our size about to manifest. Our communities will have much greater economic opportunities if they remain together rather than going their separate ways. As a group, we can achieve greater things than the sum of our parts,” he said. What’s your opinion about this my fellow Nigerians? leave a comment and don’t forget to follow me for more updates. Thank you.

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