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Lady Died from a “CREATE CHALLENGE” After Lossing Balance And Fell On The Ground (Video).

Lady Died from a “CREATE CHALLENGE” After Lossing Balance And Fell On The Ground (Video)

The new challenge implemented on social media, The Create challenge is making headlines on a bad motive. One of the contenders has sadly passed away, during the challenge. People are taking risks with their lives. The paramedics arrived on the scene, but unfortunately it was too late. She was attacked by the citizens for conducting this challenge not on the grass, but a solid surface.

Doctors are warning people not to participate in the new viral “Milk CRATE Challenge,” a dangerous game in which people lift more and more milk crates until they inevitably fall and face potentially serious injuries. 

The milk crate challenge has been heating up throughout the month, with countless people filming these dangerous stunts under the watchful eyes of their friends. Unsurprisingly, many videos ended in disaster as people attempting to challenge stepped on a box tower that was too unstable, causing them to fall to the ground, often hitting or violently falling inside the box on the way.See the source image

This disturbing trend is now making doctors scream, warning people that it is not only dangerous, but also selfish, because many hospitals have been overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients. Sean Anthony, a plastic surgeon at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, told the Washington Post that the injuries caused by the challenge are comparable to those caused by the high-speed car accident. “It could be worse than falling off a ladder,” he said. See the source image

“The falls that I see in these videos are difficult to protect. They put the joints at greater risk of injury.” Chad Cannon, an emergency physician at the University of Kansas Medical Center, told the New Straits Times that this challenge could paralyze people. He said, “You are in danger of hitting your head and bleeding. If you fall on the milk carton, you will break your back and become paralyzed.”See the source image

Since this challenge originates from the western world, African people are copying this hazardous game, and putting their lives and risk in danger. It was sad that one of the Americans had succumbed after falling awkwardly and hitting the ground with great momentum. There is a national call that people should cease immediately, as it would be foolish to lose your life, due to an avoidable game.

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