They Told Me Nothing Good Will Come Out Of Me: Meet The Boy Who Was Born With One Leg And One Arm.

They Told Me Nothing Good Will Come Out Of Me: Meet The Boy Who Was Born With One Leg And One Arm

Life and living it has their own way of defining the life that we should live, giving us a reason for suffering and the implications for our suffering on this planet called earth.

We are sometimes shaped to be better after hearing the story of others and it remains the reason why I am always committed to sharing with Opera News readers some of this positive news just to motivate you and kick out the pessimism in you.

While we patiently wait for the better days that never came, we must be motivated and encouraged to remain strong.

Meet Emmanuel, a 19-year-old boy who was born different in a poor community somewhere in Africa. He was born with one arm and with only one leg making life and living it a very tough one.

With many of us who might on one way or the other even boast of been born ‘full’ finding life very challenging to understand and feel empathic about ‘poor’ Emmanuel’s condition.

Emmanuel at one point in his life attempted to end it all as committing suicide was the only option he thought of while battling with stigma and poverty with a life empty of hope and full of frustrations.

“After finding myself like this. It was a trouble to me and I found it very worrying. Whenever I went somewhere, people with gather around me and will say that what good will ever come out of me..” – he said.

Emmanuel dropped out of school after he was faced with humiliation from his colleague and schoolmates. He could sit idle while others play games that he can’t engage in.

A documentary by Afrimax gathers that young Emmanuel lives with a poor family and his hopes ride on getting training that can earn him a comfortable living.

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