“Manage This Keke I Promised You When I Was Toasting You” – Meet Rich Igbo Man Who Surprises Wife On Birthday.

“Manage This Keke I Promised You When I Was Toasting You” – Meet Rich Igbo Man Who Surprises Wife On Birthday

There are some good acts people do that trend on social media very well. Such was the act of Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah, a well known rich Igbo Man.

Few hours ago, this man shared pictures of what he surprised his wife with on her birthday. According to him, he surprised her to fulfill a promise made when he was “toasting” her. In his words, “Happy birthday sweetest solace. All we have God gave us. Manage this Keke that I promised you when I was toasting you. Enjoy grace baby girl.”

This rich Igbo Man recounted the early days of their affair when things weren’t too “sweet” compared to the current moment. This was why he chose to make his wife happy at all cost.

See more pictures of the lovely card the man bought as a birthday gift for his wife below:In the passenger’s seat at the front, “sweet solace” is clearly engraved on the car. You can see in the picture below:

The wife is seen holding her new car’s key in the picture below. She appears reading the car manual too.Happiness beam all over the wife’s face in all the remaining pictures you’d be seeing below:

When people saw the birthday gift of the rich Igbo Man, people took to reacting and some of their reactions are provided in screenshots below:

I think this man is trying to pass across strong messages to the audience. First is that, if you find yourself in a relationship that’s not too financially firm, don’t leave the person, just endure and work towards getting rich. He’s also saying that, whenever you make a promise, no matter how small it is, fulfill it when you have the means. Do bear in mind that this rich Igbo Man is well known for being a philanthropist too. There was a time he trended for helping many poor persons. Dear readers, when God has blessed you, touch lives positively.

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