Could The Dumping of Over 20 Dead Bodies At Government House End The Barbaric Killings In Plateau State?.

Could The Dumping of Over 20 Dead Bodies At Government House End The Barbaric Killings In Plateau State?

Plateau State has recently become a constant name in the media for the negative reasons. The state has become a place of barbaric attacks and killings of innocent villagers by those who derive joy in shedding the blood of their fellow humans. In the past few days, the state has witnessed attacks on different communities, leading to the death of several people, with houses and other valuables destroyed.

Tuesday’s attack on the Yelwan Zangam community in the Jos North local government area of the state, appears to have taken a different dimension. It should be recalled that several media houses had reported that during the Tuesday attack on the community, nothing less than 36 people were killed in the process. Today, another report has emerged, revealing what the youths have done with some of the dead bodies.

According to Daily Trust, youths of Yelwan Zangam community have carried about 20 dead bodies from the attack, and dumped the same at the entrance gate of the Plateau State Government House in the Little Rayfield area of Jos. There is no doubt that the youths may have been motivated to do so as a wake-up call for the government to end the attacks and wanton killings in the state. However, the question is whether this could end the barbaric killings in the state.

It is arguable that the state and federal governments are all aware of what is currently happening in the state, and are working towards providing a lasting solution to the issues of attacks and killings in the state. As such, dumping of the dead bodies at the gate of the state’s government house may not be able to make any difference.

There is no doubt that the security situation in Plateau has become a source of concern to many Nigerians within and outside the state. The problem cannot be solved by using dead bodies to block entrances to the state’s government house. Arguably, the youths are aggrieved and have to make their grievances known to the government. However, the problem is not something that can be solved by dumping dead bodies at the entrance to the state’s government house. 

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