The Spirit of God Has Abandoned You If You’re Experiencing Any of These

The Spirit of God Has Abandoned You If You’re Experiencing Any of These

The worst thing a Christian can do is to lose touch with the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of God, and Jesus swore to give His disciples the Holy Spirit once He had died. The Holy Spirit is intended to dwell in you as a Christian. For a variety of reasons, however, the Holy Spirit abandoned many people. If you detect any of this, it implies that the spirit of God has left you.

PRAYers Without Results

If you continue to pray, but see no change, it’s a significant indicator that the spirit of God has forsaken you. This is because the Spirit of God is God’s power at work within you, the commanding outcomes. If your prayers do not produce results, it is an indication that the Holy Spirit does not function inside you.

God’s things are not unknown.

Another evident indication that you have departed God’s existence is that you no longer love the things of God. It’s because of God’s spirit that you have problems praying, reading your Bible, worshiping God, listening to sermons, and so on.


If you constantly rebel against the substance of God, against God’s church, against other people, continuously fighting otters and creating shock, the Spirit of God has left you.


If, even if others are welcome, you are constantly rejected, when it’s your turn, they say no, it’s a simple evidence that God’s spirit has abandoned you. If you do not gain eternal favor, God’s presence has abandoned you.


Sickness is a diabolical manifestation, which signifies that your moral confidence is dissolving if it persists in your life. For where the Spirit of God resides, freedom exists, and where the Spirit of God does not dwell, there is illness. It’s really needless. And it’s an indication that God is not there if you’re still unwell. Poverty is frequent. It is fine if you can fulfill your fundamental necessities, but if you strive to nourish yourself in poverty every day, you must pray for the Spirit of God.


We live in a period when in the last days it was foretold that the faith will dwindle. Faith is the want to walk in the Spirit of God. Many people fell from the Spirit, yet yet remain physically. Though they have fallen and God left their life, they continue to attend church. It’s not shocking, this happens, and you may be a Christian, yet you may still be alone. You can still engage in ministry, even if you don’t believe in God! When the Holy Spirit goes, He will not leave a trace and will not remind you that He went! You can always preach and talk in tongues when He’s gone, have visions, and proclaim! Samson did not understand that God’s Spirit had left him until he could no longer find power. When you are unable to pray, worship God, study the Bible, fear God and live a sinful life, etc. Check your environment; maybe you’re alone! So look at yourself and see whether you’ve got him yet.

Then he walked with God. But the Lord’s Spirit departed from Saul and went to David for pride and envy.” Saul didn’t recognize that he was hollow since he thought he still walked with God. Many Christians, especially the preachers of the Gospel, were left without the Holy Spirit because of sin. Without the Holy Spirit, they continue to worship and accomplish miracles and work with talents. And if God doesn’t walk with you, you can go in gifts always. Gifts and appeals demand no remorse (Rom 11:28). Do not be astonished that, when the Holy Spirit is not with you or when God is not with you, you may nevertheless prophesy. Gifts and calling are useless without remorse or purity. See, without being born again I saw bad men prophesy, I saw them talk in tongues even after they were sinned, and I saw that they had visions, even though they did not know Jesus Christ. Such things are real because Satan will quickly replace himself when the Holy Spirit leaves you. When the Spirit of God left Saul, the demonic spirit swiftly substituted him. Thus, even if God leaves you without warning, you will feel that God is with you. Although you are demonic, the angels help you to complete your unfinished task. You will always worship God, but with the body and vanity with which it comes. You can walk in the body rather than in the Spirit of God. You will guide yourselves without God.

If you are deserted by the Holy Spirit, these symptoms return: love the earth, love the flesh, please the world, eyelid, bodily fruits, the glory of life. You will start to return to your ancient routines and the worldly things! Such signals might lead to a wicked, self-centered existence.

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