My Wife Started Acting Differently Because Her Ex-Boyfriend Sent Her 300k – Man Cries Out

My Wife Started Acting Differently Because Her Ex-Boyfriend Sent Her 300k – Man Cries Out

A ex lover contacting your partner is like a gasoline spill, and responding to his call by your partner is like lighting a match to the gasoline spill. The following is what a well-known proverb states, and while it may not be entirely accurate, it has some kernels of truth nevertheless. The decision to allow your wife to communicate with her ex-partner is one of the most serious blunders you can make in a marriage since you never know when it may come back to bite you. The holy aspect of marriage union is not lost on many females, who continue to associate with their ex-boyfriends after they have tied the knot.

While it may seem clear that actions such as preserving pictures or maintaining contact with a former partner would result in several risks to the marriage, there is a pressing need to eliminate this type of connection after the marriage has been completed.

One of the most significant elements contributing to the increase in harm is the fact that this sort of contact is typically conducted in secret without the knowledge of the spouse. If you keep in touch with a previous partner, whether in secret or out in the open, it dilutes or diverts your attention and energy away from your current relationship.

This week, a Nigerian man told the story of how his wife turned against him just because her ex-boyfriend paid her an amount of three hundred thousand Naira (300k) in the recent past. Before the turn of events, the man who requested anonymity claimed that his wife had called the ex-boyfriend all kinds of derogatory terms, but when he paid her that large sum of money, she entirely altered her attitude.

What surprises the husband is that his wife shows no remorse, and she has even turned the tables on him because she no longer follows his orders. After returning from work, he approached her and requested her to prepare dinner for him, but she declined. “I didn’t marry him so that I could cook for him,” she informed him emphatically. According to the guy, single men should put their spouses through a financial test before marrying them since anything may happen after the wedding if they are not financially secure.

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