My Baby Is Only 2yrs Old, But She Looks Like A Very Old Woman and People Mock Us A lot – Lady Says.

My Baby Is Only 2yrs Old, But She Looks Like A Very Old Woman and People Mock Us A lot – Lady Says

There is a particular disease that makes a newborn baby grow old very fast. This disease can make a newborn baby start aging a few days immediately after he or she was born. This particular ailment is in the body of the newborn baby of a lady known as Valentine. The lady is from part of Africa, she was visited by a media group who interviews people.

When she was visited, she was interviewed about the condition of her baby. She was able to answer questions about it. She said, she carried her baby for 9 months as normal, but during her delivery, it was pretty hard. After giving birth to the baby, instead of the baby looking like a baby, she looked like a very old woman. She was shocked to see that her baby isn’t looking like a normal baby, her husband was also shocked about it.

Her husband started having quarrels with her, they started having issues about the condition of the baby. The husband claimed his wife cheated to give birth to such an old-looking baby, he said there’s no way he is the one that gave birth to this baby. Because of the problem, the baby caused between her and her husband, she decided to pack out of her husband’s house.

And she said people around her keep mocking her and her baby because of the condition of her baby, they call her baby an old woman. She said she’s been passing through a lot of things because of the condition of her baby. Her baby is 2 years old, but she can’t talk, eat, sit or see things around her, she only sucks milk, nothing else. So she has to eat a lot of food to produce enough milk to feed her. She only left her husband’s house with this particular baby which is her last born, other of her children are still with their father.

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