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I Once had a problem with Fulani Herdsmen in our Community, But we live Peacefully Now – Victoria.

I Once had a problem with Fulani Herdsmen in our Community, Buut we live Peacefully Now – Victoria

If there’s a community worth emulating it should be the Akabe community. If all communities in Nigeria can be like them, maybe we’ll be living together harmoniously with one another. As we know, there has been a circle of the Fulani herdsmen having a clash with farmers in Nigeria. After their cows stray into farmers farms, destroying their crops, they would retaliate by killing their cows.

The Fulani herdsmen would also retaliate by killing the farmers, which continued for a long time. Though it has reduced now but not eradicated. For the people of Akabe, they are very much living peacefully with the Fulani herdsmen. Victoria David is one of the living examples. She is from the Akabe community and they once destroyed her farmland also. Instead of taking laws into her hands, she didn’t.

Victoria David went instead to report to the village head. The village head is also simple. He called a meeting with the leader of the herdsmen and they settled things amicably. The woman whose farmland was also destroyed by cows was also compensated. They now live peacefully together and there’s no killing whatsoever.

For the people of Akabe, this is how they settle things among themselves. They are living together peacefully and happily. They exchange gifts and they fetch from the same stream. Instead of using violence to respond to Fulani herdsmen, they would rather dialogue things out and solve them among themselves. If we can do this together, maybe we’ll be living peacefully all over Nigeria.

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