I Entered A Taxi With A Man And After He Put His Hand On My Body, See What I Did – Lady Says

I Entered A Taxi With A Man And After He Put His Hand On My Body, See What I Did – Lady Says.

In a recent tale, a Nigerian lady recounted how one of the passengers in a commercial vehicle she had boarded nearly assaulted her when she saw him having fun inside the vehicle. As reported by Linda Ikeji Blog, a lady known only as Olajumouke said that she boarded a commercial vehicle for a long distance travel and sat in the rear seat alongside a middle-aged guy.

During the first few minutes of the ride, she realised that his hand was resting on her body, which made her feel uncomfortable because they were just two people in the rear seat and there was no need for physical contact between them. When she looked closer, she discovered that he had tucked his hand inside his trouser after using a bag to keep her from seeing what he was up to. He disregarded her when she asked him to stop what he was doing because they were only two people in the back. She then took out her phone and began filming him in case he tried to claim he was not doing anything wrong after all.

During the course of the ride, she said, she ignored him until he began staring at her phone when she began conversing with someone on the other end of the telephone. As soon as she requested him to stop gazing at her, trouble began to ensue, as he nearly beat her as a result of his words, if it weren’t for the prompt intervention of other passengers.

Finally, she expressed gratitude to all of the individuals who came to check on her after hearing about what had happened, and stated that she had just wanted to share her experience, which is why she had chosen to share it with others.

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