Drama As Lady Says Pastor Told 28-Year-Old Lady To Undress In His Presence During Deliverance.

Drama As Lady Says Pastor Told 28-Year-Old Lady To Undress In His Presence During Deliverance

A lady who goes by the handle Becky Francis on Twitter has reported that a pastor requested a lady to strip and change into another outfit in his sight when the 28-year-old went to see him for deliverance. Becky Francis is a Christian who lives in the United Kingdom.

Some so-called men of God have perpetrated a number of atrocities in the name of God. Some people are accused of committing crimes directly in the middle of the altar.

Despite the fact that some of these men of God are seen as wonderful models for Christians, they end up committing one or more terrible things that cause others to lose faith in God.

According to a girl who shared her storey on Twitter, a pastor allegedly requested a lady who came to him for deliverance prayers to strip and change into another gown in his presence as the pastor stood there watching.

Several days of prayer for a female member of his congregation were organised by an anonymous pastor, according to a tweet. He told the lady, who is 28 years old, that she needed to bring another outfit to the deliverance session with her.

However, when the deliverance was taking place, the pastor ordered the lady to undress and change into the additional dress directly in front of him, which was a surprise to everyone.

Most people who have responded to the storey have voiced concern about the manner in which pastors are going about their professions, with some stating that it is no longer safe for women to seek deliverance on their own.

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