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2 Reasons Why Western Nigerian Pastors Do Well In Ministry, Compared To Pastors From Other Regions.

2 Reasons Why Western Nigerian Pastors Do Well In Ministry, Compared To Pastors From Other Regions

The Nigerian church, though united as one, is made of people who are of different regions – western, southern, eastern, and northern. Therefore, even the ministers of God fall within any of these regions.

The western region of Nigeria, for instance, has some of the most respected ministers of God, as their ministries expand and even spread across the other regions of the country.

Ministers like Adeboye – the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), W.F. Kumuyi – the General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church (DLBC), David Oyedepo – the Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church (LFC), Wale Oke, e.t.c., seem to be more established in ministry than ministers of other regions.

Description: Popular pastors who are from the western region of Nigeria

W.F. Kumuyi

E.A. Adeboye

David Oyedepo

Wale Oke

This article was written for this purpose, to reveal why it so happens that Adeboye and other western pastors do better than ministers of other regions.

1. Humility

The western people of Nigeria are generally believed to be humble, and this is usually traced to their culture and traditions, which are allegedly built around respect for the elderly and deity.

Then, there is a portion of scripture in the book of James, that reads: “…God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.” Therefore, one could trace the increase and expansion the western pastors experience in ministry, to God’s grace that accompanies the humble.

Therefore, as western ministers serve their spiritual fathers and leaders in humility, God keeps enabling them with grace, so that “the servant eventually becomes as great as his master.”

2. Enlightenment

It is also generally agreed upon that, the western people of Nigeria love knowledge, therefore, are usually learned and well-read. This is a useful tool in the hands of God, as intellectual prowess usually matches well with the anointing.

Is it not amazing to find out that the popular pastors in Nigeria are all well-read with various degrees? This means it is usually an added advantage when a minister is educationally sound.

Therefore since western pastors are usually learned, they can break mental barriers more easily, and achieve more in ministry, even as they strive for spiritual competence.

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