Nigerian LadyReveals The Two Things She Wants From A Man Instead Of Money

Controversial Relationship and Mental Health Therapist, Blessing Okoro Nkiruka has raised eyebrows after she revealed that she wants something else apart from money from a man. Blessing Okoro has been making headlines for a while now over her controversial relationship tips for women.

In her recent video, Blessing said she is not after a man who will give her money because she already has enough money. She said the only things she wants from a man are just Loyalty and Reassurance .These, according to her are the most important things in a relationship and not just material stuff like money.

Blessing Okoro’s post

The video she posted was captioned thus “This is all many women want from a man. Reassurance and loyalty! Keep your money I can make it too”. Women want to be reminded that they are truly loved. “I don’t know if I can make this anymore clear but I love you and I want you. All of you, everyday for the rest of my life! No matter what! That is it” –this is what most women want to hear.

Blessing CEO agrees with what was said in the video. She said “This is all I want from a man. 4ck your money, I have that too. Give me your dam loyalty”. Blessing CEO also uses the opportunity to teach women that money should not be the priority in any relationship. What should matter in a relationship should be loyalty and reassurance of love. According to Blessing CEO, These two attributes are priceless.

What Blessing CEO said has stirred up reactions among her followers. A man commented that “I don’t know what exactly women want, I thought you said any man that is not giving woman money doesn’t love her, that love comes with giving?” Some people argued that money is actually more important in a relationship while others said the combination of both would be the best.

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