My Wife Has Being Screaming For 17Years Now, This Is What Happens- Man Narrates (Video).

My Wife Has Being Screaming For 17Years Now, This Is What Happens- Man Narrates (Video)

Celestine is the husband to flovia and that have being married for 37years,he claims that they got married in a wedding church and for the first 20years they were living happily and they were blessed with children.

He claims that one morning his wife woke up in the morning and complained of having body pain and took painkillers,in the evening the pain became too much and he took him to the hospital after all the test were done they came out negative and they had to go back home.

Celestine says that the following day he took his wife to a better and bigger hospital but the results came out negative also, but since her temperature was very high they admitted her and since he didn’t have all the money that they needed he sold everything that he had including his house to pay the bills.

After a while the doctors discharged her since they couldn’t find any disease in her and all she did was to scream the whole night and speaking in tongues.

They went home and due to pain she screams so mound that the neighbors in the rental houses packed all their belonging and left their house because they couldn’t sleep at night.

Celestine says that he vowed never to give up on his dying wife and he takes care of her everything she needs which is not easy,he doesn’t sleep at night watching on her.

He is now pleading with well wishers to help him raise the money the money to take his wife to a better hospital so that she can have a proper treatment so that the pain in his wife can come to an end.

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