IPOB Made These 2 Mistakes When They Said Igbo Governors Are Too Small To Decide For Igbos On Biafra.

IPOB Made These 2 Mistakes When They Said Igbo Governors Are Too Small To Decide For Igbos On Biafra

Recently, mixed reactions trailed a statement credited to the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), a proscribed secessionist group in Nigeria, with regards to the activities of the governors of the states in the South-East. In reaction to an earlier report in which the five governors and other leaders of the region had stated that the actions of the secessionist group do not represent the position of the entire Igbo people, IPOB replied that the Igbo Governors were too small to decide for Ndigbo pertaining the issue of Biafra and secession.

Indeed, IPOB’s response to the statement made by the Igbo leaders is a quite controversial one. However, the question one may ask is – are the Igbo Governors really too small to speak or decide for Ndigbo when it comes to the issue of Biafra?

When going through the statement credited to IPOB, one can easily pick out two key mistakes that the secessionist group made that may come back to haunt them in the future. However, before these mistakes are pointed out, it is important to affirm that indeed, the Igbo Governors have the constitutional right to speak for the Ndigbo on any pressing issue on ground.

Apart from the legislators (both on the federal and state level) the governors have the constitutional responsibility to hold meetings with stakeholders in the region in other to bring up solutions and make decisions on issues that may affect the region.

Now, the issue of Biafra is a very serious one that has been a source of constant tension in the east. It is therefore quite absurd for the secessionist group to come out to say that the leaders are small to speak for the Ndigbo when it comes to their agitations. If the governors are too small to decide or speak, who then should speak for the Igbos?

Now, IPOB shot itself in the foot by saying that the governors are too small to speak for the region. The Governors, together with the Ohaneze Ndigbo have severally spoken up for the Igbos whenever there is a slight chance that the region may have been neglected. Recently, the issue of insecurity in the southeast due to the action of unknown gunmen (are their identity really unknown?) has been taken head-on by the leaders, who constantly call on the government and security agents to put an end to various attacks in the east.

For IPOB to now come out to berate these leaders who have in the past, sacrificed their time and energy to act as mouthpieces for the Igbos, is a thing of shame. By doing so IPOB may have just lost the sympathy of the rulers, who still regard operatives of the secessionist group as children who may have been led astray and need proper counseling to return back to the right path of peace and true nationalism.

Secondly, another key mistake that IPOB made unknowingly with the statement that the Governors are too small to decide for Igbos about Biafra, is that they publicly called out elders of region. Now in Igbo culture, it is wrong for youths to speak in such manner about their elders. IPOB may have successfully portrayed some Igbos as persons who do not regard their leaders as important or deserving of honour.

How many times have secessionist groups in other parts of the country berated their ethnic rulers or Governors? Their recent barrage of criticism against both the Ohaneze Ndigbo and the governors of Igbo land show that IPOB have since deviated from the path honour, and may have resorted to the use of petty insults to further incite vulnerable youths in the South-East. Hopefully, they would be called to order soon.

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