“I Tried To Kill Myself But God Used These Guys To Save Me” Lady Narrate (Video).

“I Tried To Kill Myself But God Used These Guys To Save Me” Lady Narrate (Video)

As the Bible says in Luke chapter 15:7, “In Himmel there shall be more joy for one sinner who repents than for ninety-nine virtuous people who do not need to repent.” Angels are glad in heaven when they accept a sudden soul into God’s highest realm. Recently Moesha Boudong repented and received Christ as her Lord and personal savior. A decision that gives her spirit a pleasant place to rest when she dies.

Many people did not accept her apology and she became a laughing figure on the social media. She removed all her gorgeous photos from Instagram to show the world that she has put behind her former paths and now wears Christ’s armor. She also went to the church where she shouted forgiveness to God and even started to pray in tongues.

Moesha’s been on the Internet and what she has done affects my heart, and I’m sure that’s going to affect yours too. Men used to sleep with Moesha and present their peanuts as money, but according to Moesha, those same men stole their popularity for themselves.

She taught to others around her that the devil should not persuade them to use their bodies to gain money. She continued to explain that selling your body to affluent people will not lead to money, but to irreparable illnesses. She said that most of her colleagues, who resembled her, began a business but failed.

She also claimed in the film that she believed things were simple for her after repentance, but she was incorrect. She said that by jumping from the top of an edifice she meant to commit herself, but that God intervened and spared her. God, please forgive me for bringing the rich men to young females for sex. She knelt down and prayed to her dad.

We fail because of where the money comes from. She ended with stating she used to be known as the kill queen, but now the Lord has altered her tale. God be praised. God be praised.

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