These Photos Will Show You The Ugliness Of Girl Child Marriage & The Urgent Need To Stop The It.

These Photos Will Show You The Ugliness Of Girl Child Marriage & The Urgent Need To Stop The It

Marriage between a kid and an adult is simply the union of two adults, which might be official or informal in nature.

Gender disparity exists across the world, but is particularly prevalent in developing nations such as Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

Typically, a girl child is compelled to marry an adult man, and the majority of child marriages occur between adults. When a person reaches the legal age of eighteen, he or she is considered an adult.

Unfortunatley, the sorts of girl child marriage we witness are the nasty ones that scream “paedophilia,” in which a guy between the ages of 25-70 years and above marries a girl between the ages of 9-15 years.

When I claimed this was paedophilia, I was referring to a person who is sexually attracted to minors, which is what a paedophile does. In addition, rape and other types of sexual misbehaviour with youngsters are commonplace.

In contemporary culture, female child marriage is a symbol of gender inequality, since it violates the rights of the girl, takes away her youth, ruins their future, and exposes them to stigmatising health issues such as ovarian failure

It is a historical problem that may be caused by a variety of factors such as religion, customs and traditions, illetracy and poverty, bride price or other societal pressures, and inequality, amongst other factors.

Asia, Africa, and Latin America are the regions with the highest prevalence of child marriage, particularly for girls. Cases have been reported in Chad, Mali, Bangladesh and other countries with the largest numbers.

You can see by looking at the photo that there is a significant age gap. It’s clear from her expression of grief that this is not the life she had envisioned for herself.

A kid who has not yet developed the physical characteristics of a woman is forced and prematurely introduced into femininity and motherhood under the terms of this practise.

An estimated 12 million females are married off before they reach the age of eighteen, according to data. It is true that female child marriage is a complex issue with many different aspects, dimensions, and repercussions.

UNICEF estimates that at least 44 percent of girls in Nigeria are married off before they reach the age of 18; the country is not immune to the problem of female child marriage.

Not only does female child marriage have serious implications for the girl herself, but it also has far-reaching implications for the rest of the society. For instance, a young woman may experience sexual abuse, physical, emotional, and psychological problems, as well as health issues such as ovarian cysts and VVF.

As for the society, female child marriage has a variety of effects, the most significant of which is that it hinders government development objectives while also increasing maternal and child mortality and contributing to a rapid increase in population growth.

Especially for young girls, child marriage is prohibited. In today’s world, child marriage is a global pandemic that affects millions of young women, and this heinous practise must be halted as quickly as possible.

In addition to the methods already in place, the government can implement other tactics to minimise, if not completely eliminate, the severity of the problem. For example, consider the following:

Among the techniques that can be utilised to complement government initiatives are sexual education, the engagement of tradition and religious leaders, and sensitization campaigns.

It is unethical to practise, encourage, or cover up the marriage of a young girl who is under the age of majority. The next Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and Amina Mohammed should be given the opportunity to shine.

Below are some more disturbing pictures showing the ugliness of girl child marraige and why it should be stopped.

The manner in which this purported husband is treating his child wife suggests that he regards her as a mere object of his affection and admiration. And is most likely marrying her for the sake of his own fulfilment and satisfaction.

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