“I Just Discovered I Am a Side Chick After Two Years Of Relationship” — Young Lady Cries.

“I Just Discovered I Am a Side Chick After Two Years Of Relationship” — Young Lady Cries

A young lady who thought she was the main lady have been shocked to discover that she is the side chick and that her man have other babes. Another lady says that she prefer to be a side chick, declaring that she is a side chick by choice. She wrote, “I am a side chick by choice, and it works so well with me…

 my terms and conditions,

That is respect the main, and you will enjoy everything and leave no evidence of your existence.

Thanks Lerato, Maisela from Daveyton”. Some ladies claim that they knew that they were the side chick,, but they remain as side chicks. Another Lady added, “I never knew I was a side chick after 8 years. I was not even the second or third. It was a very painful experience”. She wrote.

AnAnother lady wrote that, “I am a side chick by choice. I don’t want to take him home! Want to love you from afar! I am good on the domestic drama! Lmao is that bad? Some ladies like being side chicks, while some feel so bad when they discovered that they were the side chicks in their relationships after they invested so much time and energy into it. Some married women even attested that their husbands have side chicks, and they are no longer bothered by it. They argue that they have given up on trying to make their husbands faithful. A lady said that, “I swear Naija men get married to women they hate. You’ll marry a woman, leave her at home and be travelling the world with side chick? Ahh, God? abeg. It’s a good thing at least even though you are cheating you respect her enough not to let your side chick disrespect her”. Why would a married man cheat on the woman he loves so much, some men are yet to provide an answer? A man responded that, “I am a man, nobody gets married to leave his wife for a side chick however men need one important attribute in a woman it’s called reliability once a woman stops being reliable in any part of her duties it will cause the spirit of the man to seek it elsewhere unconsciously”.

This is coming after both men and women began to argue on social media who cheat more in a relationship. Another lady wrote that she never knew her live-in — boyfriend of 7 years already have a wife. She broke down and wrote, “I just found out that my live-in boyfriend has a wife AND an off/on (mostly on) girlfriend for the past 7yrs. 

I hope everyone is having a better Friday than me. I don’t even date married men, but here I am, a whole mistress and side-chick and didn’t even know”. It is not a funny thing to discover that someone have been playing on your feelings and emotions. But some ladies like being side chicks, “I am a career side-chick. It doesn’t matter what I do, it seems I only attract people who are already taken. Follow me on my journey”. 

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