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Chinese Contractor Orders A Black Workers to Be Whipped [video]

Chinese Contractor Orders A Black Workers to Be Whipped

Social media users are up in arms after a video of a Chinese manager in charge of security overseeing the assault of Kenyan workers at a construction site surfaced online.

According to Robert Alai, two Kenyan workers, Ntimama Lekapei and Bernard Munyao, were assaulted after the rogue Chinese manager issued orders.

Chinese contractor orders Kenyan casual workers to be whipped

The two men are casual workers at the Nairobi Expressway construction site.

“Ntimama Lekaipei and Bernard Munyao were assaulted by the Chinese who are contracted to do the Nairobi Expressway.

The Chinese who oversaw this is the manager in charge of security.

“We must immediately arrest and deport foreign contractors who oversee such heinous acts. We must always demand respect for the rights of poor Kenyans.

Every Kenyan, poor or rich, must be respected at all times,

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