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“I thank God that I lost my sight, it saved me from doing Some things”- Blind Teacher Reveals.

“I thank God that I lost my sight, it saved me from doing Some things”- Blind Teacher Reveals

A visually impaired teacher, Modupe Omoba has narrated how she lost her sight and why she is thankful to God that she lost her sight. Modupe shared details of her ordeal during an interview with Godfrey George.

According to Modupe, she wasn’t born blind. She explained that the incident took place in 2003, during her third year as an undergraduate at the University of Ibadan (UI).

Modupe narrated that she was approaching Iyana Ipaja, Lagos State, on the 18th of April, 2003 when she discovered that she could no longer see. She revealed that she had to call a friend in the area to pick her up from the vicinity and they proceeded to the hospital where she was informed that her eyes had so much water and the water retention capacity was relaxed.

According to Modupe, series of tests and medical examinations were carried out at medical facilities to ascertain the problem with her sight, until a doctor encouraged her to accept the situation, as no remedy was available.

During the interview, Modupe explained that she was short-sighted before the incident took place and she was on her way to replace her missing glasses when she lost her sight.

Describing the loss of her sight, Modupe said, “I was going out and it was like someone turned off the light. It just went off. My vision, first, was blurry, and the next thing, it just went out. I was 23 years old at the time.”

Modupe us however thankful to God that she lost her sight. Explaining why she’s thankful to God regarding her condition, Modupe said, “I thank God that I lost my sight. I am happy it happened when it did because it saved me from doing some kinds of things I was almost into.”

Speaking further Modupe added, “It is in my past, and I don’t want to say more than that. People wanted to take advantage of the fact that I was young and friendly to do some kind of things that may have prevented me from achieving things I have achieved now. Everything happens for a reason. I am much happier now.”

Modupe revealed that she has a master’s degree in Educational Psychology and she would love to pursue her PhD.

Modupe also disclosed that she met her husband, Richard, during her rehabilitation at the Nigerian Society for the blind, Oshodi, Lagos State. She disclosed that she initially resisted Richard’s advances because she was not sure of his intentions.

Modupe explained that she had previously chased away many suitors before she met Richard

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