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BREAKING: Runaway Afghanistan President Addresses Nation As Defense Ministry ‘Fingered’ In Taliban’s Takeover Of Country.

BREAKING: Runaway Afghanistan President Addresses Nation As Defense Ministry ‘Fingered’ In Taliban’s Takeover Of Country

Afghanistan President, Ashraf Ghani, who fled his country after the Taliban group took control of power has announced that he would be addressing the country’s citizens from hiding.

“Tonight, at 9’clock in Kabul time, I will talk to the nation about the recent changes in the country.

“About recent developments in the country, tonight at 9:30 pm Kabul time, I will talk to my dear nation during a video message,” he stated via his official Facebook page on Wednesday.

Recall that after the capture of Kabul by the Taliban, Ghani flew out of the country on account that he wanted to prevent further bloodshed.

United States President, Joe Biden had blamed Afghan political leaders for Taliban’s capture of the country more than two years after American forces expelled the group from Kabul and “equipped 300,000 Afghan forces” and “gave them every tool they could need.”

Recall that the Afghanistan of Ministry of Defense had in a Facebook post on Sunday assured that it would keep the country safe.

But on the same day, the Taliban occupied the Afghanistan Presidential Palace in Kabul after advancing from city to city.

Some commentators who reacted to the Facebook post had accused the Afghan armed forces of complicity in Taliban’s takeover of the country.

Although the commentators did not provide any hard evidence of the defense ministry’s alleged collaboration, they accused the country’s military of failing to secure the country.

Some of their comments reads:

Mehran Kohistani: “You were so luddy!!! (sic) We thought that you became the Minister of Defense, maybe the situation would get better, but unfortunately you have stepped up to all the aspirations and wishes of the postal Amer Sahib and surrendered Afghanistan to the hardships of the century in two types.”

Ahmad Sarwari: “Mr. Minister. Why when other provinces fell. You didn’t say anything for now, Kabul was not on the list to fall. Don’t release this privilege in your name. It is better to be ashamed of you. You are nothing but a doll.”

Habibullah Habibi: “The Minister of Defense of a city, not from a country, your throat is drying up a lot. Be careful of your words, if all of you traitors were thinking about such a day, everything of this poor nation and this pure soil would not face such a unfortunate and unfortunate situation.”

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