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Watch: White Man Expose What Ramaphosa Told Him About Marikana On Live TV, Mzansi In Shock

Watch: White Man Expose What Ramaphosa Told Him About Marikana On Live TV, Mzansi In Shock

Following the horrible massacre of black south Africans which took place Long Time Ago, south Africans are now bringing up the cases Demanding justice for those Black south Africans who were Allegedly killed by police officers as ordered, Eff leader Julius Malema was the one who initiated the move accusing president Ramaphosa of being responsible for the death of those black south Africans in Marikana, now hundreds of south Africans are calling out president Ramaphosa to being persecuted for Allegedly ordering the Killing of black south Africans in Marikana, as the case get tougher, a white South African Bishop broke silent regarding the issue while he was being interviewed live on eNCA live TV, the south African Bishop Reveals a Devasting Discussions he had with president Ramaphosa Concerning the Marikana and the Responsible Ramaphosa gave him left him flabbergasted.

According to the bishop:

“When the incident was going on, trust me I personally called president Ramaphosa on phone, what he told me Left me in perplexity, he Told me, Bishop we can’t do anything regarding those people, they are Criminals and they need to be treated as One”.



As criminals, he thinks he should apologize for that

Bishop Joe Seoka:

I was there when it happened. I called Ramaphosa. He said we cannot do anything to help those people, they are criminals, they must be treated like criminals.

I can’t forget that.

South African Bishop, went further to Reveals that he was shocked by the response he got from Ramaphosa, he was never expecting him to Reacts and say such things, the interview continued and more secrets was Exposed by the white man, do well to watch the video footage and share to others.

Watch Video Below:

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