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Chinese men Attack Ghana Police after they tried to stop them from galamsey

Chinese men Attack Ghana Police after they tried to stop them from galamsey.

Chinese men

Galamsey has become an issue of national interest and as the days and months pass by with preparation by government to cleanse the water bodies, there are some people whose selfish desires will make them make decisions that will put the desires of the country at the bottom at all times. Ghana is recorded among the list of countries with its land being used heavily for galamsey.

Despite the efforts of the Ghanaian government to curb this practice down, it seems the Chinese are not ready to give up on their goal to destroy what we depend on as a country when they have their country free from such activities. River Ankobra was destroyed by galamsey and this is something the government has been trying to eradicate for years now.

The Ghana police fearlessly stormed their site and seized all their equipment’s and stopped the process. A few persons have been arrested and are currently facing the authorities. It’s alleged that the Chinese men involved in this will be dealt with to the maximum limit since the warnings against these practices seems to have sent no message to them.

They have also adopted to giving or handling weapons at site to force police and others to back off. The Ghana police have sent strong warnings to these mine sites as their decision to eradicate will influence any form of action against them.

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