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Biden Just Gave World Terror Organizations Their Biggest Haul Of Weapons – Reno Omokri.

Biden Just Gave World Terror Organizations Their Biggest Haul Of Weapons – Reno Omokri

We are all aware of how the Taliban group defeated the US military and Afghanistan troops, to takeover Afghanistan.

Today, Reno Omokri has reacted to the current situation of Afghanistan.

In his words, Reno Omokri said that $83 billion worth of American military training and hardware, including jets, guns, tanks, light weapons, SAM missiles, RPGs have fallen into the hands of the Taliban, adding that Biden just gave world terror organisations their biggest haul of weapons since Earth was created.

He further explained that even if they had not been toppled 20 years ago, and remained in power uninterrupted, they would never have been able to amass such an arsenal. Indeed, they are perhaps a more dangerous threat today than they were 20 years ago. Only a fool will believe the assurances being given by the Taliban. People who believe it is not a sin to lie to unbelievers?

Reno Omokri further added that Biden did not solve a problem, but he just opened the ugliest Pandora’s Box ever. The issue is that nobody fears Biden. Not Russia, China, or Afghanistan. Say what you will about Trump, the fact remains that he was so unpredictable that it was impossible to know how he would react. It made America’s enemies and rivals afraid of him. Not so now!

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