Have A Look At This Zoo In China Where Humans Are Locked In Cages And Animals Get So Close To Them

There is a zoo in China called Lehu Lechu wild life

At this zoo, humans and wild animals switch places. Humans are caged like animals, and wild animals are free to roam about them.

Lehu Lechu wildlife zoo afford visitors the opportunity to get very close to wild animals and observe the reactions of these animals towards them.

The zoo is about one of its kind. It uses a moving cage to bring visitors close to dreadful wild animals like lions, tigers, leopards just to mention but a few.

The beautiful thing is that the visitors are so safe in the cage. They are even free to offer food to wild animals through the holes on their cages.

As one of the safety measures in the zoo, visitors are warned to keep their fingers and hands inside the cage at all times to avoid them been chopped off by the hungry wildlife.

A look at these pictures will leave you astonished.

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