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BUSTED: APC Gubernatorial Aspirant Caught Celebrating Taliban’s.

BUSTED: APC Gubernatorial Aspirant Caught Celebrating Taliban’s

Here is a screenshot of a Facebook post from a politician aspiring to be an APC gubernatorial candidate in 2023, celebrating Taliban take over in Afghanistan. Save this before he starts blaming youthful exuberance for supporting extremists as if he is less than 50 years old today.

When I said some politicians are supporting extremists because they are only thinking of how to win the next election, these kinds of politicians were on my mind. They join radicals in manipulating the minds of people by showing them as if extremism is solution to their woes.

There is a mosque in Kano named Kandahar, after the former capital of the Taliban. The mosque is still there and I don’t think they’ve changed its name because they are not in power to start excusing breeding extremism with political naivety and youthful exuberance. Hmmn!

Now, in Kano state, its already a sin to have an alternative religious views. If you dare to think differently or to speak up you’ll be labelled a blasphemer! There are many alternative voices and religious minorities currently under constant harassments for airing their views.

Some are currently in prison, Abduljabbar Kabara is one of them, but even @AmnestyNigeria is yet to condemn how our state governments is destroying our democracy and abusing our basic human rights to think and air our views differently.

Are human rights organisations watching us as we continue continue slipping into the clutches of extremists? It seems our people don’t really know what it means to be under extremists! Boko Haram has taught our people no lesson.

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