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Very Painful: “Farewell Young legend” Take a look at Killer Kau’s final resting place

Killer Kau is one of the most beloved Amapiano giant and his passing came as a shock to most of the South Africans and to those that love his music.

His songs shall forever dwell in the hearts of his fans and his icon shall be known for eternity as he has left a mark on earth at a very young age.

Sakhile Hlatswayo dies at the age of 23 due to a car crash and in the process several lives were claimed including that of Mpura of bed times stories.

Killer Kau has been laid to rest and South Africans are still pouring some tributes and condolences for his family after the funeral as he well deserves every accolade.

Killer Kau was buried like the king that he is and he was honored in a very dignified funeral which one can call a befitting funeral and here below is a stompstone of his final resting place. REST IN PEACE YOUNG LEGEND.

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