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Sad: Ongoing Funeral Of Killer Kau Left Mzansi In Heartbroken (Video

Sad: Ongoing Funeral Of Killer Kau Left Mzansi In Tears (Video)

The death of a south African popular artists, Killer Kau affected the Nation Negatively due to his impact on people when he was Alive, Killer Kau Died last weeks in a fatal car incident with tow of his friends, the cause of the Accident as Reported was they were drinking and driving, sudden they Left Control of their vehicles collided with another car, which Resulted to their untimely Death.

South Africans are still in disbelief that Killer Kau is actually death, they can just get over it, Killer Kau was a great singer and dancer loved by south Africans and beyond the nation, after so much mourning and Weeping, the family of the deceased set the date of the funeral on Sunday which is today, south Africans who went to bid killer Kau farewell were left in tears while the funeral ceremony was going on.


I can’t imagine the pain of losing a lover. I’m so sorry Olwethu💔The video of you and Killer Kau with Aaliyah’s song, ‘I miss you’ playing in the background is heartbreaking but you made great memories with him and I hope you’ll hold on to all those moments🥺.


The sad thing about funerals are when the proceedings are done and the family of the deceased are alone again that’s when it hits you and the real funeral starts. 💔



#KillerKauFuneral.. Icebolethu is not just doing a phenomenal job because it’s a high profile funeral. All the funerals l personally have been to that were serviced by them have been tops. Their service deserves recognition. Thank you for a well coordinated sendoff for KillerKau.

It so unfortunately and painful that killer Kau had to say farewell to south Africans and his fans till they meet again in the Great beyond, the God grant his family the fortitude to bear this, though you did not attend the funeral, you can as well watch the video, paying your last respect to Killer kau if his death is painful to you.

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