VIDEO: People React As Two Guys Were Captured Pounding Fufu On Sea

People React As Two Guys Were Captured Pounding Fufu On Sea.

What is wrong with them? What will they gain by pounding fufu on the sea? Is the aim of this just to trend on social media or they have been directed by some spiritualist to do this for spiritual money? These were some of the questions Ghanaians were asking these guys on social media.

Looking at the picture below, two young guys probably in their 20s are pounding fufu on top of a sea. One guy holds the mortar above the level of the sea as the other guy pound the cooked cassava with the pestle. This is so strange that some Ghanaians described it as madness.

In Ghana, there is a belief that marine spirits do exist and sometimes these spirits marry people who carelessly do some things at the seashore. In view of this, some Ghanaians reacted that these guys might probably be joking but spiritually there is nothing funny in this video.

Others stated that marine spirits can marry these guys through these funny acts they are doing on the sea.

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