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Very sad| Accident scene that caused Killer Kau and Mapura death, police have launch investigations

The amapiona artist died early this week during a horrible car accident that took place in Rustenburg we’re this artist was going to perform on a gig that was hosted in that province, and this has caused a hige sadness in the country because cannot believe what has just happened.

It was also reported that Kabza da small also died in that car crash but it was just the rumors, because he responded on his social media page saying that he is still alive and this has caused huge tension in the industry this week because people are so concerned about the killings of this artist.

Pictures of we’re this accident has happened we’re taken and It was not a dangerous spot were accidents can happen easily because the road was open, and this has made people ask a question in the industry about the state of the driver of the car that he was in when this car loses control.

Moura and Killer Kau we’re expected to take part in the upcoming amapiona awards that will be hosted earlier this year where the industry will be rewarding the artist who has contributed to this music, that had won the hearts of many people across the country and the world.

It’s very sad to see how the artist is dying this day were the music lovers have invested a lot in them to be the ones that entertain them during the spring season where people will be welcoming summer, but things have changed because they have to mourn the death of this artist.

Something has to be done in this country so that the artist cannot die like this because it will have a huge impact in the industry where most of them, will start to fear to go and perform outside of Gauteng. After all, they will feel unsafe if they go to other provinces where they can be involved in accidents.

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