The Untold Love Story Of Connie And Shona Ferguson: Very Heart Throbbing.

The Untold Love Story Of Connie And Shona Ferguson: Very Heart Throbbing

Shona married Connie only 2 months after they met. As I always tell you ladies, a man knows what he wants. And he doesn’t waste time in acquiring what he wants. A man knows from day one whether he will marry you or not. If he’s the slow type, within a few weeks. Believe you me, he doesn’t need months and years to figure that out.

If you don’t know whether you are going to be his wife or not, it’s either he doesn’t see you as his wife, or, he, as a guy, isn’t serious about the idea of marriage.

Both these scenarios do not necessarily mean that you aren’t a good girlfriend, or even a good woman. As I said, men know what they want. If he wants a BMW, but for now he can afford a Polo, he will buy the Polo while saving for his BMW. This doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the Polo, just that it’s not what the man wants, he wants a BMW.

Connie once admitted that she initially hated Shona’s tattoos, but a week after meeting him, she tattooed on her back a smaller version of the dragon tattoo that Shona has on his arm. In response, Shona tattooed Connie’s name in a rose on his arm. Connie would remark that this was “a symbol of love and togetherness.”

Mark that word, “togetherness.” We are doing this relationship thing the wrong way, that’s why it often ends in tears. Do not focus on your partner, focus on your “togetherness.” The relationship is not about your partner, it is not about you, it’s about what the two of you can produce. That’s why compatibility matters.

If you focus on your partner, you start to want to change them, you point out a lot of their faults and things you don’t like in them. This destroys the relationship. But if you focus on your “togetherness,” you will be more concerned about what your different personalities can produce when put together. It’s possible for two imperfect people to have a perfect relationship, but only if they focus on perfecting the relationship, not perfecting each other.

Till death did they part


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