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Muslim Man Attack His Brother With Machete For Converting To Christianity

Muslim Man Attack His Brother With Machete For Converting To Christianity

According to accounts, a 39-year-old man in eastern Uganda who recently accepted Christ is currently healing from a machete hit to the head by a Muslim relative in late June. Abudlawali Kijwalo receives medical treatment in Kibuku District, Uganda, following a machete assault.

Nankodo, Kibuku District, Abudlawali Kijwalo, who comes from a family of devout sheikhs and hajjis (Mecca pilgrims), was grazing his cattle when his brother, Musoga Murishid, challenged him, according to Kijwalo.

Kijwalo had been admonished by family members not to listen to gospel music or say that Jesus Christ was his Lord and Savior. Kijwalo informed Morning Star News that earlier that day he had been listening to a Christian radio station.

“Are you still a Muslim or have you converted to Christianity?” According to Kijwalo, Murishid asked him.

Kijwalo told him, “I am for Christ.”

According to the Christian, his brother pulled out a machete from beneath his long robe and struck Kijwalo in the head, sending him tumbling and screaming. Murishid walked away while he bled profusely, probably assuming he had killed him, Kijwalo added.

According to Kijwalo, a local elder who witnessed the attack summoned some medical personnel and raced to his aid. They took him by motorcycle to a medical center in Kasasira, where he was treated by a well-known doctor.

Kijwalo will survive, according to the doctor, but he will require additional rest and therapy. Kijwalo has sought sanctuary at an unidentified location due to a lack of funds for medical bills and food.

The attack was just the latest in a long line of Christian persecution in Uganda that Morning Star News has recorded.

Religious freedom is protected under Uganda’s constitution and other laws, which include the ability to promote one’s beliefs and convert from one faith to another. Muslims make up less than 12% of Uganda’s population, with considerable numbers in the country’s eastern regions.

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