I Suddenly Turned To A Lady When My Girlfriend Bewitched Me After Accusing Me Of Cheating – Man Says

I Suddenly Turned To A Lady When My Girlfriend Bewitched Me After Accusing Me Of Cheating – Man Says

Some things happen in this life which we can’t explain how they happened. People say wonders can never end, and it seems to be very true, no doubt about that. The kind of things we hear these days are wonderful. A young man from a far part of Africa said he suddenly turned to a woman overnight. He said it all happened after his girlfriend accused him of cheating.

Cheating in a relationship is very heartbreaking, some people can go any length to punish their partners who cheated on them. According to this young man, he said his girlfriend broke up with him after accusing him of cheating on her. And she also promised him that she’s gonna bewitch him.

He thought it was a joke, not until he woke up one morning and discovered that he has turned into a lady. He said, he woke up on that day and discovered he now has a female organ and also a male organ in the same body. And he started behaving like a lady, he approached his mother’s make-up kit. He started making up, after taking his bath that day. His mother was shocked, she asked him why he’s doing that, then he started explaining what happened.

Everyone in the community was shocked at his sudden change. He started wearing female clothes everywhere he goes, no matter what people say about it. He said the spirit controls him and he doesn’t even feel shy whenever he’s walking around with female clothes. He started adapting to it, he also said he started developing a large chest like a lady.

But sometimes, he wakes up and feels like a man. If he wakes up as a man, he’ll wear male clothes. Anytime he wakes up like a lady, he wears lady clothes. He has done everything to stop all these and get back to his normal life as a man but to no avail. His mother has taken him to prayer houses, and churches, but no avail. He’s also been taken to several hospitals, but it seems this case is more than the ones doctors can solve.

But his mother keeps praying for him to change into a man. This story might look very funny and unbelievable to you, but this is a true-life story. Please like, share, and follow me up.

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