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We Are Told Not to Report Side Effects of Vaccine, Because Of This- Nurse Exposes (Video)



We Are Told Not to Report Side Effects of Vaccine, Because Of This- Nurse Expose Live On SABC

Vaccinations is a means and method to Battle the deadly virus Covid19 which is ravaging the world at large, from the day, Covid19 outbreak occurred till now countless lives have been lost and the fear of getting infected by the virus has left alot of people in door though many still didn’t believe the existence of the virus, however several negative report has emerge from those who took the vaccine, some of their reports are people Complaining about extra pain and body swollen up after taking the vaccine, due to that the percentage of those who are reluctant to get Vaccinations escalated to a higher figure, not just that some people are reluctant, Majority of people According to report has Allegedly vowed that they will never get Vaccinated because the vaccine is detrimental to human health and they won’t jeopardize their lives in taking vaccine.

If You remember vividly we reported that, Nurse were told not to report the side effects of Vaccine, this was made known by SABC, however SABC Conducted an interview with a nurse who requested for his identity to be kept private, during the interview the nurses Reveals that they were Given Instructions from the top that they should not disclose or report the side effects of Vaccine in order not to create fear in people’s minds and preventing them from taking the vaccine, he added that is is not a fixed Policy it is just an instruction Given, those who are experiencing Strange reactions in their bodies after getting Vaccinated should do well, reach out to them for another treatment.

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