VIDEO: Here Is What Nigerians Chanted As Buhari Walks On The Road After “Eid-el Kabir” Prayers.

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VIDEO: Here Is What Nigerians Chanted As Buhari Walks On The Road After “Eid-el Kabir” Prayers

It’s no longer news that President Muhammadu Buhari is currently in his state (Katsina) for the “Eid-el Kabir” celebration. Buhari joined Muslims all over Nigeria to celebrate the festival.

It’s important to know that President Buhari walked with his legs after saying the “Eid-el Kabir” prayers at Daura Eid ground in Katsina state. According to a Video uploaded on Buhari’s facebook account, many Nigerians hailed the president as he walks on the road with his convoy.

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However, it was observed that a lot of people were shouting “Sai Baba” as President Buhari waves his hands to them. The word “Sai Baba” was a slogan used by Buhari’s supporters during the presidential election and campaign in 2019.

Nevertheless, here are 2 two things we should learn from the video.

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1) President Buhari Is loved by Nigerians.

The number of Nigerians in the video hailing President Buhari shows that he is admired by a lot of Nigerians.

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From the video, many people were praising Buhari because they love him and believe in his leadership qualities.

2) Buhari’s Presence In The State Gives Confidence To The Residents Despite The Security Challenges In Nigeria.

The presence of Buhari encourages the citizens to believe that there is security within the state.

Also, Buhari’s visit to the state will also help the morale of security personnel in the fight against insecurity.

Watch Video below:

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