Video: Reactions As Husband And Wife Beat Up Husband’s Ex Over Alleged Anonymous Message On WhatsApp

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Video: Reactions As Husband And Wife Beat Up Husband’s Ex Over Alleged Anonymous Message On WhatsApp

People have reacted to a video, which surfaced online, showing the moment a couple went to beat up husband’s ex, over an anonymous message on WhatsApp. Mixed reactions have dropped on this video, as people shared their various perspectives on it. The husband and wife can be seen in the video, flogging the ex, due to an alleged anonymous message she posted on WhatsApp, which was detrimental to the the couple. 

A lot of people, who were around at the scene, tried to stop the husband and wife from beating up the lady, but they didn’t listen to them, as they can be seen, flogging the lady with cane in their hands. The content of the message was not made known to the public, but, one thing certain is that both the husband and wife were pained by the ex’s message.

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The anonymous message thing is a kind of game on WhatsApp, where people create a link, then post it on their WhatsApp status, asking people to drop any message they wish to drop to the owner of the link, anonymously. The anonymous message game is very popular, and there have been different occasions, where it ended sadly. This is obviously one of such occasions, as the anonymous game went wrong. 

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The husband’s ex allegedly sent an anonymous message, which affected the couple negatively, resulting into the couple going for the husband’s ex to beat her up. A lot of people shared their opinion on this. While some people think resorting into violence and physical assault is wrong, some people believe that there is more to the story.

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Violence is never a good way to settle things. If people were not around to help the husband’s ex, the lady would have been badly injured, and it might even lead to something worse. 

One will think that a message on WhatsApp shouldn’t have that much effect, to the extent of ganging up against a person to beat them up, but well, this video has proved that to be false.

The husband can be heard in the video, telling the ex “So it is me you are using to catch cruise on WhatsApp”, while flogging her.

Watch Video below:

Check out how people reacted to the video in the screenshot below. 

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