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Diabetes Symptoms: If You Notice These 4 Eye Issues, Your Blood Sugar Level Is Too High



Diabetes Symptoms: If You Notice These 4 Eye Issues, Your Blood Sugar Level Is Too High.

SourceMedical News Today

Diabetes is a deadly health condition that arises due to the body’s inability to regulate or make use of insulin for adequate sugar metabolism. Insulin is the primary hormone that regulates sugar use in the body and it is produced by the pancreas but when one is suffering from diabetes, it’s either the body has destroyed the insulin producing capabilities of the pancreas or the body can’t use the insulin properly (Type 2)

Besides destroying the whole body and increasing one’s chances of dying earlier than expected, diabetes can also affect the eye; as a matter of fact, Diabetes causes what is known as diabetic retinopathy. This is health condition that arises when the blood vessels around the retina is damaged due to excess sugar in the blood. Recall that excess sugar in the blood is one of the causes and symptoms of diabetes and it can also lead to Neuropathy which increases possibility of getting several sores in the legs and hands.

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Source: All About Vision

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the eye issues that point to the fact that your sugar level is too high and must be attended to. Ignoring the signs going to be discussed in this piece means you have signed up for either vision loss or even sudden death as a result of high sugar level skyrocketing.

Source: Medical News Today

1. Spots or Dark Strings Floating in your vision; this is actually one of the serious signs of retinopathy as a result of excess sugar in the blood and mist never be taken for granted. If you start seeing strings, dark strings floating in your vision, then there is a high chance your sugar level is too high and as such causing damages.

2. Blurred Vision; when the blood vessels in the eyes are destroyed, the resultant feeling or rather experience is blurry vision. You will start struggling with seeing people clearly, this is nothing to joke about, if you have sugar concerns and start experiencing blurry vision, do well to visit the hospital for checkup and also possible treatment.

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3. Fluctuating Vision; if your vision starts fluctuating. As in some days you might see clearly and the next minute you are unable to see well, this a dangerous sign of high blood sugar and mist be taken very seriously.

4. Dark or Empty Areas in the eyes; have you ever been looking at something and then suddenly find out that some parts of what you’re looking at is dark? This is a very deadly sign of high blood sugar and must be taken seriously. Reason being that ignoring these signs might result to vision loss when the retina has been damaged and this is irreversible even if you attend to your sugar level.

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